How to dynamically correlate Google Cloud Compute Engine instance network traffic using Chronicle

  • nginx-production-2j3l (
  • nginx-production-6kj1 (
  • nginx-production-93k3 (
  • nginx-production-9gka (
  • nginx-production-1j48 (
  • nginx-production-84j3 (
  • 2020–05–29T14:00:00Z,RENEW,,nginx-production-9gka,AABBCC123456
  • 2020–05–29T15:00:00Z,RENEW,,nginx-production-1j48,AABBCC234567
  • 2020–05–29T16:00:00Z,RENEW,,nginx-production-84j3,AABBCC345678
  • Jump1, us-central1-a, n1-standard-2,, RUNNING
  1. Run gcloud to get a list of all current hostnames and IP addresses
  2. For every IP, check if we’ve seen the IP before:
  • If yes, ensure you have an updated hostname and keep the same MAC address
  • If not, add the new IP and hostname, with a random MAC as a new host
Example of auto-correlated logs in Chronicle
Second example of auto-correlated logs in Chronicle

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