How to create an automated traffic allow list by Compute Engine instance type in Chronicle

  1. Manually created instances:
  • Example name: jump1-prod-us-east-1
  • Prefix example: “jump”
  • Example name: nginx-production-2j3l; Format: {instance-group}-{GCP-created-unique-identifier}
  • Prefix example: “nginx” to group environments or “nginx-production” to separate environments
  • Example name: gke-prod-application-flink-452f94ad-5k1jf; Format: {cluster}-{node-pool}-{GCP-created-unique-identifier}
  • Prefix example: “gke-prod-application-flink
  1. Create rule
  2. Edit rule
  3. Retrohunt: Run a rule against historic data to identify detections, aka matches
  4. List detections: Get matches to your rule
  1. Download and setup the Chronicle API, api-samples-python repository, from GitHub
  2. Copy the custom .py scripts from GitHub into the detect/v2 folder
  3. Update the variables in the file
Chronicle rule with unique domain access per instance or prefix type
  • Grab someone from your SRE and/or engineering team
  • Look through the lists to validate these domains are approved
  • Make the rules live and enable alerting.
Example Chronicle allow list with a regex on the hostname

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