Detecting and responding to Apache “Log4j 2” using Google Chronicle

Raw Log Search

Historical Raw Log Search Across The Enterprise

Detection Rules

rule cve_2021_44228_execution {meta:tactic = “TA0002”description = “Identifies process execution using JNDI strings.”events:$event.metadata.event_type = “PROCESS_LAUNCH”$ = /.*\$\{jndi\:(ldap|rmi|ldaps|dns)\:.*\}.*/ nocase$event.principal.hostname = $hostnamecondition:$event}
rule cve_2021_44228_http {meta:tactic = "TA0002"technique = "T1059"description = "Identifies JNDI strings in network user agents or URIs."reference = ""events:$event.metadata.event_type = "NETWORK_HTTP"($ = "({jndi:.*}|{env:.*}|:j}.*{)" or
$ = "({jndi:.*}|{env:.*}|:j}.*{)" or
$ = "({jndi:.*}|{env:.*}|:j}.*{)")condition:$event}

Identify Low Prevalence Events

Low prevalence destination Investigation in Chronicle




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