Chronicle Joining Google Cloud

2 min readJun 27, 2019

In late 2015, when the earliest idea for Chronicle was formed, we had a vision to help companies find and stop cyber attacks before they cause harm. In the following years, we created Backstory, our security telemetry platform within X, the moonshot factory, as a way to combat cyber threats that have the potential to disrupt the lives of billions of people around the world. Backstory joined VirusTotal, one of the world’s largest malware information services, to help organizations of any size better understand and defend against cyber threats.

At the core of our mission was the ability to look for the biggest way to have impact, and to bring the technology and services needed to “Give Good the Advantage.” Our goal was centered around delivering a way to 10X the capabilities of security teams around the world who are struggling to stay ahead.

Today, we are excited to announce that Chronicle will be joining Google and become part of Google Cloud. Combining our efforts will allow us to take the next step on our journey, and will significantly accelerate our impact globally, together.

As CEO of Chronicle, I’d like to say thank you to our valued employees (Chroniclers!), customers, and partners. Without our global team’s passion and dedication, we could not have built something so compelling and so well received in the market.

To our customers, who worked with us in our early days through to a full product launch, thank you on behalf of our entire team!

Google Cloud has built its own products for detecting threats and securing data, and these products are very complementary to Backstory and VirusTotal. By combining our solutions, we can give customers a unique, single platform for securing their systems both on premise and in the cloud. Customers from each of our organizations have asked about using these solutions together, and combining our efforts will enable this.

We will be joining Google Cloud soon and expect the integration to be completed sometime this fall. We will work on accelerated product integrations and roadmaps immediately. Stay tuned for more information, and once again, thank you to everyone who’s helped Chronicle get to this point. We are excited to work with you on the next phase of our journey to Give Good the Advantage!

Stephen Gillett
Chronicle CEO and Co-Founder