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Accelerating Investigations with Tanium and Backstory

Today, we are excited to announce a new product integration with Tanium, to provide more effective investigations and response to cyber-attacks. Tanium’s endpoint security and management platform provides a unified view across customer endpoints, as well as automated remediation capabilities. Chronicle’s Backstory provides high-scale, cloud-based analytics of enterprise security telemetry, linking endpoint, network, and other types of information into a coherent picture. Backstory is the first security analytics platform to receive data directly from Tanium endpoint agents using Threat Response.

Customers using Tanium Threat Response can proactively send enterprise-wide endpoint telemetry to Backstory for rapid incident investigation and remediation. Backstory links Tanium endpoint telemetry with network, vulnerability, threat intelligence, and other information into a complete and unified data structure. Together, Tanium and Chronicle provide customers with a real-time, integrated view of activity across the enterprise environment.

“Having both the right types of data and enough of that data allows security teams to better understand what has happened and is still happening in their networks,” said Dr. Anton Chuvakin, Head of Security Strategy for Chronicle and former distinguished VP analyst at Gartner. “As the first vendor to integrate Tanium’s endpoint data with broader security telemetry and retain the data cost-effectively for a year, we look forward to working with Tanium to improve our customers’ effectiveness.”

Read more at Tanium’s blog, here

Meet us in Las Vegas for Black Hat US 2019

Both Chronicle and Tanium will be at Black Hat US 2019, August 3–8. If interested in a demo or setting a meeting with us, you can contact us. See you in Las Vegas!

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